Using one of the two instructional plans you previously created, determine the following


instructional plans

Only 60% of your students met the learning outcome in your most recent lecture, you find out. Through non-written, visible formative evaluations, students not only showed a lack of understanding, but the data from their assignment, as graded using a rubric, also showed that the majority of the class did not fulfill the target.

Determine the following using one of the two lesson plans you already made:

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How will you spot specific needs or misunderstandings? What will you search for? Ward, Fischer, Frey, and Lapp’s Chapter 6 offers an example. How will you differentiate instruction so that students achieve the learning objective? How will you involve the pupils in the exercise of self-evaluation and finding areas of misunderstanding? How will the learning objective be reassessed? How will these changes to the curriculum better prepare them for the upcoming summative test?


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