“Using the PESTLE framework, analyse the relevant factors of the external business and economic environment of a multinational manufacturing firm that will enable them to make strategic decision for entering and setting up business operation in the UK.”

Important: Note that your assignment will be assessed applying the following criteria:-


1. Describe the PESTLE analysis’s goal and some of the key components of each factor. (Word count limited to 200; 15% weight)

2. Provide time series forecast trends with a brief justification for one of your chosen factors’ elements for each factor up to 2022. The word count is limited to 300; the weight is 35%.

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3. Talk about the implications of your findings for the home UK market in terms of the risks, expenses, and advantages of establishing a manufacturing base there. 1000 words is the word limit, and 40% of that word count counts.

4. The Harvard referencing style, which incorporates sentence and paragraph structures, punctuation, and page numbers; (b) writing style; and (c) typeface Arial or Roman Times size 12 with 1.5 line spacing. (10% weight).
The aim of the assignment is to “use the PESTLE framework to analyze the relevant aspects of the external business and economic environment that will enable a multinational manufacturing firm to make strategic decisions for entering and setting up business operations in the UK.”
You must use the PESTLE framework to search the UK market for an international manufacturer looking to launch a business initiative there. It is your responsibility to perform research and find time series forecast trends for one determinant of each PESTLE factor for the analysis, up to the year 2022.

Havard system of referring


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