Using what youve learned from Chapters Six and Eight from Lefrançois as well as other resources along the way, develop a curriculum based assessment (CBA) centered on one of your two instructional plans from Weeks Three and Four.

curriculum-based assessment (CBA)


Create a curriculum-based assessment (CBA) focusing on one of your two lesson plans from Weeks Three and Four using the knowledge you’ve gained from Lefrançois’ Chapters Six and Eight as well as additional materials you’ve encountered along the way.

Part 1: Give a one-to-two-page description of the pre-assessment. Explore the events that took place prior to the summative assessment using the prompts provided below.

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Establish specific goals that can be measured and seen (what you want pupils to learn). Describe how you determined learning had taken place before the final exam. Describe the instructional techniques you employed (from your prior lesson plan in either Weeks Three or Four) to get the students ready for the final exam. Describe the modifications you made to your instruction or that you should have made to guarantee that the learning objectives were met. Describe how using technology helped students prepare for the final exam, or how it will be added to and help with the final exam in this case.

Part 2: Create an accessible summative evaluation (around two to three pages)

Decide on the grade level, the subject matter, and one or more measurable unit objectives that are in line with the stated standard as outlined in the original lesson plan from either Week Three or Week Four and supported by the Common Core State Standards Initiative. To provide students with a range of test item types (chosen response, short answer, lengthy written response, and/or performance), make at least six, but no more than ten, problems, questions, or assignments. Give each query its corresponding name: If more than one objective is being evaluated, Depth of Knowledge (DOK) levels must be measured. (Note: This evaluation must measure at least two distinct cognitive levels.) Discuss and define the criteria for grading performance and extended response items.

Part 3: Include an assessment reflection (1–2 pages long).

Describe the criteria you used to determine mastery. Describe how you will make accommodations or modifications for the special population (two children with significant learning difficulties in reading and math, one student with ADHD, and one English language learner) that was previously mentioned in Week Four. Tell us how you plan to use the evidence you have gathered.

Grading: You must submit a single document with Parts 1, 2, and 3 clearly identified. The appropriate cover and reference pages will be included, and the APA formatting style will be used. A minimum of five academic sources, in addition to the course material, must be used. Peer-reviewed and online articles should both be included in your sources, which must be cited in-text. You are responsible for each part’s needed subcomponent, which is listed on the assignment rubric.

the final project’s writing

The summative evaluation:

It must be around eight double-spaced pages long, structured in accordance with Ashford Writing Center guidelines for APA style. A title page with the following information is required: The name of the essay Name of the pupil and number of the course Trainer’s name and submitted date It must start with an introduction that includes a clear thesis statement. must provide a thoughtful response to the paper’s topic. Must conclude with a thesis-affirming conclusion. Must reference more than five academic sources in addition to the course text. All sources must be cited using the APA style, as recommended by the Ashford Writing Center. Must include a separate reference page that is formatted in accordance with Ashford Writing Center’s APA guidelines.

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