Values and Value System

Your Values and Value System

To be comfortable with your decisions, you need to make decisions that are consistent with your values. In order to do this, you need to better understand your values. This assignment will begin to help you learn about your personal values. There are two parts to this assignment:

1. Determining Your Top 5 Values

On the previous page of this unit’s module, you had an opportunity to rank order your 18 Terminal and 18 Instrumental values using values list exercise.

In the box below:

  • List your top 5 instrumental and top 5 terminal values
  • Describe what these values say about who you are and what type of decisions they may lead you to make?

2. Create Your Personal Value System

To better understand the decisions you make, you need to understand your values and personal value system. For this second part of the assignment, I would like you to create your own value system.

Refer earlier to a page in this module titled, “Codes and Conduct.” There you can read a variety of value systems.

I now want you to create your personal code of values. Given all the values we have explored in this unit, what is your personal value code that you use to guide your decision making? To receive full credit you need to list at least 5 values and then fully explain what each one means. In other words, don’t just list the word “loyalty.” You need to explain what you mean by loyalty.

Here is a chance for you to examine your personal values and consider how they might affect your decision-making.

Take your time to really examine what values are important to your life that guide your action.


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