Vendor Negotiation

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Effective Negotiation Skills 

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Negotiation Preparation Questions 

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12 Tips to Help You Negotiate Better Deals with Suppliers. (2020, Sep 17).

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In this assignment, you will apply a communication model to structure a vendor negotiation conversation, build an outline for the conversation, and write the conversation.

Read the following case study scenario:

You are the buyer at Denigee’s Outdoor Superstore, a nationwide chain of home and patio stores. The vendor representative from “Patio Expressions” calls you to tell you that this month’s major delivery of Spring patio accessories is going to be a month late due to a problem with shipping. The vendor wants an extension on the purchase order, so he can deliver the merchandise when it arrives at his distribution center.


  1. Review the details of the case study scenario in the document below. Use the information to analyze your business position. Think about what you need to consider, what you need to communicate, and what do you need to negotiate. In this scenario, you have the benefit of knowing more about the vendor’s position than you would in a “real life” negotiation. Use it to your advantage.
  2. Apply what you’ve learned to develop an entire dialogue. Use the negotiating techniques you learned, including active listening and body language, to create your negotiation conversation.
  3. In 300-400 words, double-spaced, present your dialogue and explain how the negotiating techniques and structured steps used in your vendor conversation will result in the predicted outcomes.

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