Create a Comprehensive Final Research Paper: Topic ideas are within the broad fields of SFX or CGI:

  Discuss Current Directors/SFX Supervisors who Incorporate Practical Effects in Their Films; Present Examples

  Discuss Jim Hensons Contributions/Impact on the Film Industry;  Present Examples

  Jurassic Park Proved Instrumental in Transforming Film Production;  Discuss, and Present Examples

  The future of AR/VR/MR: Transforming Education;  Present Examples

  The Incorporation of AI in Daily Web-Browsing;  Present Examples

  The Life and Times of the Great Stone Face/Buster Keaton

  Rick Baker: Creatures Comfort

  The Ancient History of Life-Casting

  Stan Winston, Modern-Day Dinosaur Wrangler

  Pyrotechnics in Film Special Effects


  Please chose a topic that interests you.



  At least 4 full pages of rewritten content: top of the page to bottom of the page

  No images

  Word-Processed:  Saved in 2 file formats

  Submit two files:  1docx file/1pdf file

  Submit 1 docx file to BB dropbox; submit 1 pdf file to BB Submissions

  Naming conventions: jdoe20_w2021_paper4.docx;  jdoe_w2021_paper4.pdf. (Use your exact SCAD login/dropbox name)

  12-pt Font




  At least 4 separate research sources must be used for this 1-topic final paper

  Wikipedia is never accepted as a valid research source when it is the ONLY source.
  A paper having a single research source is not valid research, and it is never accepted as such.
  All Sources Cited:  Create an exact list of every source on a final page
  This paper MUST be completely re-written in your own words.

  Do not paraphrase: paraphrasing does not foster originality. Paraphrasing is not rewriting, but incorporating/claiming information or ideas written by a professional writer as the paraphrasers own words. I have yet to read one paraphrased excerpt that is acceptable.  If Safe Assign lists the excerpt as questionable, toss it out completely.

Each student is required to submit his/her paper through Safe Assign, and to run the document through the Originality tool. If the report indicates any serious issues, it is the students responsibility to correct each problematic highlighted area before submitting the final version for grading.

Submit the PDF file format through BlackBoard Submissions and the DOCX file format through the BlackBoard Dropbox.

Due Date: 2/24/21, before 12:00/noon

All research papers are submitted through BlackBoard/Safe Assign


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