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Video link:
Go to : Films on Demand > Search: Skin Deep
Video name: Skin Deep: Nina Jablonski’s Theory of Race (52 mins).
Students of evolution understand that when our ancient ancestors lost their body hair and ventured out onto the hot savannah, their skin became dark to protect against UV radiation, while subsequent migration away from the equator yielded paler people. But in 2000, Penn State University anthropologist Nina Jablonski proposed a startling new theory as to why human pigmentation is so diverse. This film explores this theory to show that our differences are, really, only skin deep. Keep the following questions in mind while watching the video; in addition to your written assignment, we will discuss these at the start of the next class. Answer each question as fully as you can; answer freely, this is your opportunity to explore the class material; you are not graded on specific content, merely on addressing the question. Please upload a pdf., Word file, or answer directly in the space provided. No additional research is required.
1. Why do we focus so much on skin color?
2. Is there any direct relationship between skin color and any other aspect of biology/culture?
3. Beginning in the period of European colonialism/exploration/conquest, how was skin color seen/used?
4. How does the video explain differences in skin color?
5. How is race used today in society? Does the concept have any value?

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