video game do not increase youth violence

Develop a strong research question. (Be sure to review my links to resources posted on Canvas).
For example: you might consider questions such as: Do I agree with Carr-Chellman? What impact do video games have on kids? What are the negative and positive effects of gaming? What issues does she leave out of her article? What research could I find on this issue?

Or a question related to immigration issues, for example: specifically focusing on what the DACA program was, how effective it was, and what would be a good solution going forward. Or how about the history of sports activism, gentrification in California; student activists impacting gun policy reform, automation/robotics in jobs, tech industry controversies, etc.

Your question should allow you to enter into debate; in other words, there should be multiple opinions and perspectives related to your question out there already, so that you can “enter the conversation.”

One way to brainstorm a topic is to start with what is your stance in response to the article I assigned (you stated this in your midterm). Then branch out from there looking for what other perspectives are out there on this issue? You may need to narrow down or expand outward in order to meet the requirements of this assignment.

You should do some preliminary investigation and see how feasible your idea for a question is, then you will submit a proposal (detailed instructions are provided on Canvas for your proposal and for how to word your main and supporting question). I reserve the right to deny a proposal if I feel it will not allow you to meet the requirements of this assignment.
Source Requirements:
You will need 5-8 credible, university-level, relevant sources. Use articles, books, websites found online, through the library, and/or from the library databases. Be sure you refer to resources I have given about how to evaluate sources. One of your sources will be the article I assigned. You are also welcome to use sources that you found for discussion posts or quizzes if they relate to your questions and meet the source criteria.
All of your sources together should add up to at least 50 pages of reading on your topic. These should not be short 1 page blurbs, and your final sources should definitely not include any “” or “wikipedia” or “huffington post” pages (but sites such as those can be used as a starting point as “pre-research”.)
The “Annotated Bibliography” assignment will ask you to justify why you want to use the source.I will provide further instructions on how to do an annotated bibliography; be sure to follow instructions. If I see that your sources are not appropriate for any reason, you will not earn credit for the bibliography, and you will need to start over in terms of finding sources. In addition, your paper will not be very strong. So put time and thought into evaluating and selecting the best sources for your topic.
Then be sure to READ and take effective notes your sources before you start to write! Taking effective notes will help you to avoid unintended plagiarism, one of the biggest dangers of research papers.
Graded Steps For This Assignment (all required):
Formal Annotated Bibliography of your sources(counts as an essay)
Outline, including thesis and clear document design/organization
Rough draft
Final Paper with Works Cited list (which only sources you quote or paraphrase in your paper). Your final paper must refer to at least 5 sources, but your annotated bibliography may include more.
Final Paper Requirements:
Your paper should include the elements from They Say, I Say: that is, an introduction that starts with what others are saying, an explanation of the “so what” and “who cares” questions, clear and accurate summaries of other author’s views (including naysayers), well-integrated quotations and paraphrases from various viewpoints, and a clear stance from you offering your response to your research (this is your thesis). Use transitions and metacommentary to help you make your argument and thinking clear to your reader.
Your paper must synthesize what “they say,” (your sources) and what “you say” to provide something new. Remember this is not simply a summary of other sources. You must have a clear, strong thesis that guides the entire essay (all paragraphs relate back to that thesis). Be sure that you are “bringing something to the conversation” if you are agreeing or disagreeing with a point raised by the article I assigned.
Your essay should be filled with specific and concrete details to support your thesis rather than generalizations and unsupported opinions.
You must demonstrate that you understand how to avoid plagiarism by effectively paraphrasing and quoting your sources and citing them. You must cite all quotes and paraphrases using properly formatted in-text citations that match your Works Cited List. Keep in mind that for research papers, you are expected to primarily paraphrase, rather than quote, from your sources.
Your paper must demonstrate that you have mastered MLA formatting, effective quote integration, logical document design/organization, and effective proofreading and editing. Your final paper must have a properly formatted Works Cited page that includes ONLY sources you mention in your paper, not everything you read.
Suggestions for success:
If you’re feeling stuck or scared or overwhelmed—don’t procrastinate! Get help! Email me, visit a librarian, see a tutor!
Don’t plagiarize. Sometimes students go there when they panic. Don’t do it. (See previous point).
Use the resources I’ve provided about how to do a research paper. ”
—————————– above is from the essay prompt ——————

My Research Outline
Guiding Question:
Whether video games have a negative effect to increase violent and aggressive behavior in youth. And what are proper actions that parents, school administrators and policy makers can take to control the bad effects of video game violence if there is any?

Supporting Questions:
• What defines youth violence? To what extend do current children expose to violence in games?
• What are the preventions currently? Are any of these preventions related with video games?
• Is there any new study fixed the flaws in the previous research? Do they end up in same conclusion as the previous ones or opposite?
• How are those who think video games are not responsible for youth violence trying to defend themselves?
• Are there any positive effects of video game playing?
• What are the government’s attitudes and their policies on video games?

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