View the Classical School of Thought in Criminology located in Criminology in the 21st Century.

The 21st century in criminology

Visit Criminology in the 21st Century to see what the Classical School of Criminology thought. Consider the following case: You are employed by the division of the state department of corrections in charge of the facilities used by the system of state prisons. The state legislature’s committee on criminal justice policy is now debating a measure. If approved, it will increase the maximum sentence for armed robbery convictions by two years. However, your state is required by a federal court order to keep the number of prisoners being detained for felonies the same or lower. Think about how criminal offense policy is created. What suggestions would you offer? What justifications do you have for your suggestions? Is this legislation good or bad? Is this bill lawful? Talk about the following in your group project: aims of the legislation Arguments in favor of and against using long-term incarceration to reduce crime Find and discuss at least three arguments for and three arguments against. Alternative proposals for the bill Justification for approving or rejecting the bill What pertinent political factor or factors are at play in this decision? Write a 700-word report outlining your suggestions based on the aforementioned factors. Individual submissions should be made to the Assignment Files tab. Materials

The 21st century in criminology


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