Viewed presentation on Motivation by Dan Pink

Lecture Notes Day 3 September 4th

Viewed presentation on Motivation by Dan Pink

Contingent motivators don’t work and do more harm. Extrinsic motivators, carrots and sticks, are not linked to productivity as much as Intrinsic motivators (autonomy, mastery, purpose). Autonomy is being self-directed. Mastery is becoming better at something. Purpose is to do things that have meaning to you. Google allows employees to spend 20% of their work time devoted to their own projects. Fedex days referred to an Australian company who gave their employees 24 hours to create new products, ideas or projects. ROWE stands for Results Only Work Environment—there are no “office hours”, work sites, supervision. You just get your work done.

Viewed video on 5 Active Reading Strategies by Thomas Frank

1. Pseudo-skimming: briefly reading each paragraph to find ones with more important content.

2. Read backwards: go to the end of the chapter and read the summary or the review or chapter questions

3. Write down questions while you read.

4. Pay attention to formatting: Bold, all caps, italics, underline. Those are meant to draw your attention to them, meaning it must be important to remember.

5. Mark up your books: with post-its or highlighters. Take notes while you read or right after you read a chapter.

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