Dynamics of Walmart’s Competition

The goal of this project is to provide current information for class discussion and review. The subject of your course project must be addressed in this content. You must turn in the In the News during Week 5 to be fully credited for this requirement. To provide contemporary (i.e., within the last year) examples of course-related themes (i.e., business strategy from this week’s reading assignment), the project may draw on materials from the internet world, including newspapers, periodicals, and websites. Particularly welcomed are relevance and potential interest in the class. A one- to two-page report (containing bullet points) should be submitted with these items. Use the readings from Chapters 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 to apply specific course themes. Examples include Competitive Advantage-Porters Generic Strategies on page 162, The Experience Curve on page 165, Industry Life Cycle Stages on page 187189, Turnaround Strategies on page 193195, Vertical Integration on page 210214, Portfolio Management and the BCG Matrix on page 216226, Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures on page 226228, Competitive Dynamics on page 299306, Culture on page 322330, and Organisation Structure on page 357385.

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Make sure to include the news piece, a synopsis, and a one- to two-page report that fully discusses the following issues in the following sequence.

Citing key course themes from this week’s prescribed reading, along with their names and pages in the textbook, helps demonstrate why and how the news content is significant and pertinent to the course material.
What application to management does the information have?

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