Was the social change positive or negative in your perspective?

Discuss a social change that you have experienced. Describe how this change impacted society as a whole and your own individual behaviors.

Was the social change positive or negative in your perspective?
Did your life get easier or harder—simplified or more complicated?
Has it been positive or negative for society?

Research a non-Western culture, and identify a recent social movement or social change they have experienced. Describe how the social change impacted their society and how globalization may or may not have impacted their social change.
Research technological advances that are being developed right now. Then, discuss how one of the new technologies may spur social change in your society. Be sure to discuss not only how the technology will make things easier, but also how it could alter cultural values, perspectives, norms, and ideas.
Think critically and discuss how technological advancements can both positively and negatively impact the social sciences, specifically sociology, and how the social sciences are studied (refer to Chapter 10: Research Applications for guidance).

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Utilize at least 2 credible sources to support the points presented in the paper. Make sure you cite them appropriately within your paper, and list them in APA format on your Reference page.

Your paper should be 4–5 pages in length, not counting the Title page and Reference page. In accordance with APA formatting requirements, your paper should include a Title and Reference page, should be double-spaced, and should include a running head and page numbers.

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