Please respond to the four inquiries below:
1. a) Is hydropower really a clean, renewable energy source? Why? (0.5 mark) ?
b) When is it acceptable to use groundwater more quickly than it recharges? Explain. (0.5 mark)
2. Due to the effects of climate change, we are aware that as the world’s population increases, there will be greater demand for freshwater worldwide. Discuss the supply-side and demand-side water management alternatives that can be used as adaptation methods to assist us in meeting the enormous problems brought on by climate change. (2 markings) ?
3. The construction of China’s Three Gorges Dam has had a severe impact on the upstream river’s water quality. How could the protection of water quality be implemented into a dam project? Does deterioration of water quality have to be a natural result of development? (Explain in detail). (2 markings) ?
4. What are some unforeseen implications of river-based flood protection? (2marks) ?
Reference Example
As an illustration: THE TEXT
The computer desk is black, as stated by Simon et al. in 2000, or Simon et al. in 2000
As an illustration: AT END
A. Simon, A. Currini, and S.E. Darby (2000). book name. Publisher? A. Simon, A. Currini, and S.E. Darby (2000). paper’s heading. publication name. Issue. Volume. Pages. Both in-text and end references MUST be used.



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