Ways To Tackle Obesity

Obesity is a global phenomenon. We see increasingly that the newer generation has a tendency to put on more weight much earlier than what was prevalent in the previous generations. As per WHO statistics, obesity is the single biggest reason for cardiac arrests and pre-mature death. As the medical community is gearing up to tackle this menace, we need to go back in time to find methods to overcome this. Let us discuss together a method to manage obesity.

There are many reasons experts say for obesity. One is the diet and other is lack of exercise. But look deeply, there is only one reason. Your genes. You are expressing one of your parent’s or grandparent’s genes, which has a tendency for obesity. When one of your parent is slim there is an even chance for you to be slim. But if both parent are obese, there is still a possibility that the genes of one of our ancestors could make us a slim and fit person.

Our DNA, which is the blue print stored deep inside our cells is capable of expressing itself differently under different environments. Our DNA is copied to RNA, which is then used to build proteins by the ribosomes within our cells. Our scientists have discovered the pre-disposition of human body to obesity due to certain environmental conditions. What all these point to is that the human body can be programmed to express slim genes, only if we knew how.

In societies, where there is abundance of food available there is a great risk of obesity. It is true that our diets does influence our genes to a certain extent. So, choosing the right diet would alter the way the genes are copied from DNA to RNA and then expressed by creation of proteins. There is a separate discipline called nutritional genomics where these aspects are being explored.

All these point to the inherent truth that we don’t need to be accepting our condition as an obese person. We can under right conditions, influence our subtle fields around us to express our slim genes. There is a solution which helps us to express our recessive slim genes, which changes our outlook. This is an acoustic therapy that can be used to treat all kinds of conditions. Obesity is one of them. The secret to know is, our gene expression or our external features are controlled by the unseen subtle body around us. By conditioning this field, with quantum sounds we can cure us of any disease or condition.

In this technology, you are given precise instructions to send the quantum sounds to certain planes around your body. This is a guided therapy with clear instructions which harmonizes your subtle body corresponding to your navel. Over a period of 48 days, these sounds re-condition your subtle and physical body to express the best possible slim gene.

You will start losing unnecessary weight naturally. Essentially you have a possible second life. Most important aspect of this treatment is to have faith which opens your heart. This influences the subtle electromagnetic guiding field around you and makes seemingly impossible things possible.

Now is the Time For Change.

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