Web Design Principles

Week 5 Short Paper – Web Design Principles

After reading Webpage Typography Issues.pdf in this week reading assignments. Write a brief answer to each question in APA research paper format. 1. Describe the characteristics that define type. How do web designers use typography? 2. Compare the terms type style and font as used in web design. 3. Describe the five generic typeface or font families and when to use each. 4. Discuss the role of font stacks when specifying website fonts. 5. Discuss responsive web design guidelines for determining website font sizes. 6. What should you consider when selecting images for webpages? 7. Describe tools you can use to create your own webpage images. 8. Identify methods for transferring image files from a digital camera to a computer or the Internet. 9. Compare and contrast lossless and lossy compression methods for image files. Which image file types provide lossless compression and which provide lossy compression? 10. Describe how to optimize your selected website images to create web-ready images. Note: QUESTION 7 AND 10 is independent from the Webpage Typography Issues.pdf file. They are relevant my website that I will sent you as file. Pls when you answer those question , think for those two questiion seperate.

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