Week 10 Testing for Reliability (Plus Validity via Factor Analysis)

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Week 10 Testing for Reliability (Plus Validity via Factor Analysis)

I will add 25 points to your total course points for completing this assignment as per my instructions below:

Hi Folks,

The course developers did not create a graded SPSS assignment (Data set, SPSS Analysis, and Research questions to test) related to Reliability Analysis or Factor Analysis. Having studied and taught multivariate statistics at two large traditional universities in the New York , and having knowledge or APA Accredited PhD Psychology Programs throughout the United States and Europe, I can unequivocally state that your counterparts in traditional PhD are highly proficient in Reliability Analysis (RA) and Factor Analysis (FA), both Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) using Structural Equations Models, such as AMOS; and Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) using SPSS Factor Procedure). In fact, PhD students attending traditional Universities are highly knowledgeable and proficiently in all of the Warner chapters (and beyond) and in Meta-Analysis as well. As I’ve noted, on several occasions, I am committed to teaching you multivariate Stat’s to prepare you for a dissertation and for the profession as a PhD (and not a PsyD) scholar and researcher, just as I have done for my former PhD students attending SUNY.

To beef-up your Stat Skills, and to motivate you to learn RA and FA, I’ve created this (optional) extra credit assignment, which can be used to replace a missing assignment or an assignment in which you would like to improve your grade on.

If you choose to do this extra credit analysis and summary (and I strongly encourage you to do so, even if you do not need the extra credit), you’ll have to let me know which assignment you want to replace Just send me an email. The extra credit assignment must be submitted to me by email, by the last day of week 10. If you do not meet that deadline, I will can not accept the extra credit assignment because I will be overwhelmed with other tasks during trhe last week of the semester.

For this assignment, you would have to conduct both the Factor Analysis and a Reliability and you would have to fully summarize the results in APA style.

The analysis and summary must be modeled after my sample summary and should include all the section and tables appearing in the my sample summary.

The sample summary appears in the Week 10 Reliability CLDB in my post titled ” Sample Summary and SPSS data to practice with Attachment .”

This optional extra credit assignment would require you to read chapters 20 and 21 in the Warner textbook.

You may not work with anyone else on this analysis and assignment. The analysis and summary must be your own original work.

You may not use this extra credit assignment for the final project.

Here’s the background and assignment elements:

Field (2014) developed a 23-item questionnaire to assess students Fear of Statistics – See scale below.

He administered the scale to (N=) 2,571 Statistics students.

The students responded to each question on a 1 (Strongly Agree) to 5 (Strongly Disagree) rating scale.

The scale was developed to measure the following four constructs, or sub-scales

I) Fear of Statistics scale (Question_01 Question_03 Question_04 Question_05 Question_12 Question_16 Question_20 and Question_21).

II) Peer Evaluation scale: (Question_02 Question_09 Question_19 Question_22 Question_23)

III) Fear of Computers Scale ( Question_06 Question_07 Question_10 Question_13 Question_14 Question_15 Question_18)

IV) Fear of Math Scale (Question_08 Question_11 Question_17)

Analyses. Use the attached spss data file to complete the following tasks:

A) Conduct a Confirmatory Factor Analysis to assess the construct validity of the four factor SAQ Scale.

B) Conduct four Reliability Analyses to assess the reliability of each of the SAQ subscales.

C) Summarize the results for both analysis – model your summary after my sample summary.

SAQ Questions:
1. Statistics makes me cry
2. My friends will think I’m stupid for not being able to cope with SPSS
*3. Standard deviations excite me
4. I dream that Pearson is attacking me with correlation coefficients
5. I don’t understand statistics
6. I have little experience of computers
7. All computers hate me
8. I have never been good at mathematics
9. My friends are better at statistics than me
10. Computers are useful only for playing games
11. I did badly at mathematics at school
12. People try to tell you that SPSS makes statistics easier to understand but it doesn’t
13. I worry that I will cause irreparable damage because of my incompetence with computers
14. Computers have minds of their own and deliberately go wrong whenever I use them
15. Computers are out to get me
16. I weep openly at the mention of central tendency
17. I slip into a coma whenever I see an equation
18. SPSS always crashes when I try to use it
19. Everybody looks at me when I use SPSS
20. I can’t sleep for thoughts of eigenvectors
21. I wake up under my duvet thinking that I am trapped under a normal distribution
22. My friends are better at SPSS than I am
23. If I’m good at statistics my friends will think I’m a nerd

* Item #3 has been reverse coded in the SPSS data file.

-Dr. Napoli

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