Week 7: Faith Integration Discussion

Week 7: Faith Integration Discussion
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Prepare an essay of 300-500 words about your personal religious faith in the context of the marketplace or workplace. First, review your essays and personal reflections for Faith Integration Discussion Forums for Weeks 2-7.


Spend at least one day in prayer and reflection on what you might have learned about your faith, the beliefs and cultural expressions of others, and what change this may have made in you based on the content of this course.  Only then write your essay.

This essay has no right or wrong answers.  I am looking for your personal self-evaluation of your faith in the context of a world-wide organization.  Please provide an authentic and personal response.

Post a substantive response to the prompt(s) by clicking Reply below by 11:59 PM on Tuesday of this week. Include information from the weekly readings to support your response. Provide a substantive comment to a minimum of one peer by clicking on Reply below fellow student posts by 11:59 PM on Thursday of this week.

The quality of your posting will be assessed, not your viewpoint or beliefs. To view the grading rubric associated with this discussion, click the Options icon (3 dots) in the top right corner of the page, and select Show Rubric.


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