Week 8: Decisions and Scenarios Assignment

Complete Part 1 and Part 2 as one file and upload. This is not a research paper and you are not expected to utilize any resources other than your textbooks. Also, this is not a group project so your work should be entirely your own.

Part 1

Select four court decisions included in your textbook from the following list and respond to each of the case questions at the end of each decision. All page numbers are from your textbook (Martocchio, 10th edition). Each court decision analysis will be worth up to 50 points for a total of 200 points in Part 1.

Chavarria v. Ralphs Grocery Company, p. 22
Keller v. Miri Microsystems, p. 42
Salinas v. Commercial Interiors, p. 60
Vasquez v. Empress Ambulance Service, p. 91
DeMasters v. Carilion Clinic, p. 99
Spears v. Amazon.com, p. 141
Bauer v. Lynch, p. 222
Ambat v. City & County of San Francisco, p. 237
Gerald v. University of Puerto Rico, p. 289
EEOC v. Management Hospitality of Racine, p. 298
Riser v. QEP Energy, p. 451
SeaWorld of Florida v. Perez, p. 559
State Ex. Rel. Gross v. Industrial Commission of Ohio, p. 578
Koeppel v. Speirs, p. 606
Part 2

Select two of the following “Just the Facts” scenarios located in the textbook on the page numbers listed below and respond to the questions at the end of each scenario.  Each scenario analysis will be worth up to 20 points each, for a total possible score of 40 in Part 2.

p. 160
p. 269
p. 435
p. 693
The grading rubric, which represents the performance expectations for this assignment, is located below.

To submit your assignment, select Submit Assignment, follow prompts to upload or add your work, add any comments for your instructor in the comments box (optional), and then click Submit Assignment.


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