Week 8 Progress Performance Reporting Project

Project Delievrables5: Project Progress Performance Reporting & Final Project Report

The success or failure of projects are highly dependent on many factors which include the monitoring and controlling of the cost, risk, and proper documentation procedures of the project scope critical in ensuring that the nine PMBOK knowledge management are executed. While controlling the progress of project performance remains as one of the most difficult aspects in determining the success factors of projects, the leadership and communication skills of project managers in defining and making team members understand the objectives of the project contribute to successful executions of projects. Hence, leading to consistent success from start to finish.

Based on your observations and understanding of Week 8, Chapter 9 lesson, what are the factors that could lead to project failures and successes.

What are your recommendation and strategy as a project manager?

What will you include in your Project Progress Performance Reporting and Final Project Reporting?

What would you consider to be the most important skills of project managers in your reporting process?

NOTE: Please refer to your Week 8 Discussion Board for your additional references.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/stevedenning/2019/08/18/another-form-of-fake-agile-the-agile-sweatshop/amp/ (Links to an external site.)

Project Control (Links to an external site.)Project Control

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