What about political affiliation?

Capital Punishment-What do you think about it?
For this essay, you will create a series of questions and use those same questions to assess how your friends, family or

others think about the use of the death penalty.

The point of this essay is not to air your opinion or to research the death penalty’s efficacy or lack of effectiveness. You

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must investigate why people think as they do and what factors affect those opinions. Do younger or older people have a

similar approach to the subject? What about political affiliation? Education Level? Religion?

Your task is to create a battery of questions, take your survey, and then create a hypothesis that will become the basis

or thesis of the essay. You need not (nor should not) assume that your results apply to the nation’s attitudes in general.

Your are making an assumption of your results-responses to your questions.

Obviously, careful construction of your survey is essential to obtain sufficient material to write this paper. Creating

questions that require more than a “yes” or ‘no” response will make writing the essay much easier. Carefully record what

your respondents say and how they feel for use as evidence of how these particular people regard this very contentious

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