What about the non-profit’s client organizations, which candidate is in their best interest?

Each question must be answered in APA format. Each paper should be eight pages in length for a total of at least 16 pages not counting title page and reference page. Each topic needs to have a heading that is centered.
Each question must be 8 pages in length with it own title page and reference page. 8 sources for each paper, please add sub-headings for each topic.
Question 1
Public value is an important concept within the field of public administration. Please explore the political, social, and ethical aspects of decision-making involved in the placing of a new landfill in an economically impoverished neighborhood versus placing it in a politically connected, economically well-to-do neighborhood. What public values are involved and how must a public administrator balance competing interests, so as to make effective decisions that create public value in diverse and dynamic situations.
Question 2
There are two final candidates for an entry-level position at a prestigious nonprofit organization with a reputation for ethical behavior. This successful nonprofit acts as a clearinghouse for child abuse prevention information and is largely funded by federal government grants and in turn provides services to state and local nonprofits and state and county child protection agencies.
Job Candidate “Number One” is a marketing whiz with prior experience in sales but no experience in Public Administration. “Number One” has proposed that the non-profit should aggressively seek donors and grants even if they involve projects outside their mission statement. He also advocates getting rid of older employees and hiring younger ones who are into social networking.
Job Candidate “Number Two” has significant field experience with a local child protection agency and has just graduated with a Master of Public Administration from KU. This candidate advocates adherence to fiscal standards, providing public service, and utilizing benchmarking processes to achieve greater operating efficiency.
Identify the stakeholders in the non-profit, compare and contrast the two approaches of the job candidates in terms of public administration theory, application, ethics, and diversity. Which candidate do you think is better for the non-profit and why? What about the non-profit’s client organizations, which candidate is in their best interest? Support your answer with applicable examples and sources from public administration and fiscal theory and best practices in leadership, human resources, diversity, and ethics.

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