What additional physical and human resources are required to be obtained to effectively lead and manage the ministry?

Describe Biblical perspectives and personal understandings of church, church planting and church development
C Articulate a vision and construct a strategy for planting a new church in a specific context
E Describe the personal and team qualities and skills (competencies?) needed for successfully church planting and/or development
Develop a Vision and Strategy Plan outlining how you will implement your chosen ministry opportunity, covering all the elements of the following four (4) sections, for a portfolio, utilising the demographical context and information gained in Assessment Task 2.
1. Ministry (Vision) Proposal
Present a proposal that identifies opportunities for establishing a Christian ministry.
Your Ministry Proposal must show:
1.1 You have researched and identified an opportunity for ministry including:
• Its compatibility with the existing vision of your Christian church (organisation)
• The viability of the ministry opportunity in terms of an established need
1.2 An outline of what the requirements for establishing a specific ministry are
1.3 You have researched and checked the spirituality, background and appropriateness of your ministry team for this prospective ministry
1.4 An outline of the discussions you have entered into with a the Christian church (or organisation) including a recognized church pastor, church planter, pioneer pastor or small groups pastor etc. and the ministry team
2. Ministry Development (Strategy) Planning Document
Complete a plan for development of the ministry. Your Ministry Planning Document must show:
2.1 You have accessed and studied the ministry plan strategy document from your Christian church (or organisation) [Include or attach relevant sections]
2.2 You have consulted the Christian church (or organisation) and others in the process of developing your plan
2.3 You have undertaken an analysis for ministry opportunity and completed a marketing/advertising plan
2.4 You have completed a financial plan and budget for the proposed ministry
2.5 You have determined and researched the needs for premises or venue in the appropriate area
2.6 You have researched and evaluated legislation, codes and national standards relevant to the ministry workplace
2.7 That it is completed according to Christian church (organisation) requirements
3. Ministry Team Strategy
Develop a strategy for human resources to support the ministry. Your Team Strategy Plan must that show:
3.1 You have determined what your Ministry team’s interests and skills are so you can to assess their suitability for the ministry opportunities you have identified
3.2 You have determined what are the required skills and knowledge needed to manage the ministry, and any gaps for yourself and others are identified
3.3 You have sought assistance to assess and address the learning needs and these are documented in the form of a learning/training plan
3.4 You have determined the training required by your Christian church (or organisation) of a ministry team
3.5 A learning plan and required training programs are undertaken, before and/or during the establishment of the ministry
4. Implementation and Timeline Report
Prepare and provide the ministry. Your Implementation Report must show:
4.1 What additional physical and human resources are required to be obtained to effectively lead and manage the ministry?
4.2 What marketing/ advertising activities associated with delivering of the ministry are to be undertaken
4.3 The timeline for the ministry to commence operations in accordance with ministry plan
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