What are Common Collagen Side Effects?

Collagen can be an effective way to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines, or at least reduce their appearance. It can also be used to add volume to various parts of the face, such as lips and cheeks. This substance can be used in various forms, depending on the expectations of the user and their budget. Most forms are quite effective, but they can carry side effects. The collagen side effects do depend on how the substance is introduced to the body, but they range from redness and swelling to infections and skin discoloration.
Products with collagen in them, including lotions and creams, are some of the most common forms of this substance. Many people purchase them from drugstores, eager to get rid of wrinkles. The good news is that they typically do not carry side effects that have anything to do with the collagen in them, so users should not worry about this form. The bad news is that this is because they are not usually effective in battling wrinkles since the collagen in creams is too large to permeate the skin. Additionally, those with sensitive skin or allergies may break out in a rash due to other ingredients of such creams.
Some people choose to receive collagen injections in order to plump up their lips and make their cheeks fuller. One of the most common collagen side effects from injections includes excess swelling in and around the affected area. This occurs most often after the first injection since it sometimes takes the skin some time to get used to the substance. Swelling is sometimes accompanied by pain, but both should go away shortly after the injection. If these side effects do not disappear within days of the treatment, it is usually time to call a doctor since they could be signs of an infection.
Itchiness is another of the most common collagen side effects, and can also result in redness of the skin. A particularly severe effect is discoloration, which is usually temporary but should still be treated by a doctor. In some cases of patients with light, sensitive skin, scarring is a possibility after an injection, but this is quite rare.
Sometimes collagen injections result in a lumpy, uneven surface. To prevent this from going undetected, many doctors request that the patient either wait in the office after the procedure, or come back the next day to make sure the injections went well. This may help prevent long-term, irreversible collagen side effects from occurring.

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