What are Different Dry Throat Remedies?

There are many different dry throat remedies, including drinking water; warm beverages with honey; or warm beverages that include a combination of lemon and honey. In most cases, it’s best to choose decaffeinated beverages to treat a dry throat, as caffeinated drinks may sometimes make symptoms worse. A person may also gargle with a soothing solution or suck on throat lozenges to get rid of dry throat symptoms. Using a humidifier may help as well.
One of the simplest dry throat remedies involves drinking more water and other beverages. Often, a person’s throat feels too dry because he isn’t consuming enough liquids. Plain water is often effective for remedying this, but other liquids may help as well. In general, a person may be advised to avoid caffeinated beverages when he’s dealing with a dry throat. Beverages that contain caffeine may contribute to dehydration and make dry throat symptoms even worse.
Decaffeinated tea with honey is also among the most popular dry throat remedies. Warm liquids are often very soothing for a person’s throat, and honey has soothing properties as well. Some people may even drink warm water without a tea bag to soothe a dry throat. Adding lemon and honey to it may work as well.
Gargling with soothing liquids is also among the most commonly used dry throat remedies. For example, a person may mix a solution of warm water and salt and gargle with it to soothe a dry throat. Some people also gargle with warm water and vinegar for this purpose. For instance, a person may gargle with warm water and apple cider vinegar in an effort to moisten a dry throat and make it feel better.
Sucking on throat lozenges may provide temporary relief from a dry throat as well. For example, some types of cough drops may be good for this purpose. In fact, there are some cough drops and throat lozenges that contain honey for a soothing effect.
Sometimes a person may develop a dry throat because of the heat in his home or apartment, and using a humidifier may help. There are both warm and cool humidifiers from which a person may choose. Some people prefer the steam-vaporizer type of humidifier because it boils the water placed in them and kills any bacteria that may collect there. Others may prefer cool humidifiers because they do not carry the risk of burns that steam vaporizers do. Both types may help to prevent dry throat symptoms, however, and reduce them when they do develop.

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