What are men expected to be responsible for versus women in this situation?

As you engage with this week’s discussion and with one another, be sure to read what has already been posted and then add substantively to the discussion. Time goes quickly, so remember to post early in the week! The first question is based on what you have learned so far in this course so that you can post immediately without having completed all of this week’s readings.
The first set of questions in this discussion is opinion and experience-based, so you can begin immediately. For subsequent questions please meaningfully integrate your readings including the text, articles, and module notes.
Consider the following scenario: A man and a woman have one child with another one on the way. The husband has a higher paying job than his wife, but she places a high value on her career. They both agree that a parent should be at home for the first year of their newborn’s life.
In your opinion,

What are social norms and expectations for how you should manage the first year of your child’s life?
What are men expected to be responsible for versus women in this situation?
What are your own expectations in this regard? In other words, how would you divide the caregiving between parents based on sex?

After reading the assigned readings for this week and watching the videos, respond to the following questions:

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Summarize male and female gender roles in caregiving. What physical, emotional, and economic factors affect these differences? How are the dynamics changing?
How could FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) potentially contribute to a more equitable sharing of family caregiving responsibilities for men and women? What else could the government do to provide more support? What could the workplace do?
Summarize the potential benefits to both men and women when there is equitable sharing of caregiving responsibilities for children as well as aging parents.

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