What are monsters

The purpose of this assignment is to examine one of the many “monster” themes we have discussed in our course so far and in our textbook “Monsters a bedford spotlight reader” by Andrew J. Hoffman. To this effect, you need to write a 1000-1500 word paper. The essay should not be a report on a specific type of monster. It does not need to read like an encyclopedia article on vampires, zombies, Godzilla, etc.  Instead, you should make a synthesis of several sources to support a specific point of view in an argument.

Choose a “monster” from our culture and research the history of said monster. Make an argument about why this particular monster is still relevant in our society today. What does it represent? What is the role of a monster in our society today? What is behind the continued fascination despite us knowing that they are not “real”?

Correct MLA formatting.
A good introduction and conclusion
A thesis statement that should state your argument
At least one short, direct quotation
One long, direct quotation
One paraphrase or summary from an outside quotation
A works cited page with at least three sources (only one is allowed to be a website and only one is allowed to be a selection from your text book)


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