What are my current skills?

Finally, and this is crucial, have fun. Student life for a mature student is grand grand grand. This is a tremendous experience for mature students, and it’s a real

achievement to even take a shot at this. Work at your pace, not anyone else’s, but most importantly, take this experiences for what it is, a wonderful chance to

enhance your life. University is great, make sure you enjoy it. I have.

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– Rick, Mature Student, Nipissing University, 2010
Hello Everyone,

As you embark on Module 2 Time Management you were asked the following questions;

What are my current skills?
What are my beliefs and values that affect my behaviour?
What are my strengths?
What are my weaknesses?
After reflecting on this module what areas of your time management skills would you change? There is no question you are all very busy people, I can see that after

reading about you in module 1, now you have added on the role of being a student at Nipissing. The techniques you currently use may not be enough, comment on that.

Also, if you have any tips or tricks for other students please do not hesitate to offer these up.
Yours truly,Professor
After reading the second module “Time management” I realized having an effective time management skills and good organisational skills are one of the most important

tools to have as a university student in other for you to succeed your student life, as well as in real life. Most importantly I think a good time management skills

and, effective organisational skills are require to succeed at the university level of education, more especially when you are taking long distance online classes.

This comes with a lot of responsibilities, commitments, and great deal of self-discipline attitude towards your studies.

It is true that every one of us in this course knows how to manage our day to day life activities, because we all have family responsibilities to deal with at home,

and most of us keep full time jobs as well. This task requires a very effective time and good self-management in other to succeed; however been a student on the other

hand makes things even more complex.

After a very carefully self –reflection on myself as a student and as a father of two kids . I realized I need to re-evaluate my scale of preference and my time

management skills as well at this point in time. Which mean I have to prioritize and evaluates my goals “when you prioritize, you evaluate everything you are working

towards, decide which goals are most important, and focus your time and energy on them”(Cater,Bishop,Lyman-Kravits. 2008) This is important, because many deadlines for

my assignments, tests and exams occur almost the same time, unless I plan ahead and prioritize my goals ahead, I will find it impossible to manage my school reading,

home works, tests, and exams successfully.

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