What are other social systems of influence and privilege that structure society?

What are common norms around femininity and masculinity? Are there clear gender roles, or a sexual division of labour? Is this society based on patriarchy or matriarchy? How does gender affect health?
Social hierarchies – What are other social systems of influence and privilege that structure society? Are there strong differences in Socio Economic Status (SES), class, social status, or caste? Are there opportunities for social mobility?
Housing – What types of housing are present? Do people own or control their housing? Is this social determinant of health causing illness or strain on people?

CULTURAL FACTORS: What role has culture played in this health issue?
Culture involves a wide range of thoughts, systems and behaviours. It influences other aspects of the template – the organization of society (social structure, above) and historical developments (above) as well. Aspects you may wish to consider include:
• Causation of health and illness, the functioning of the human body
• Preferred health care
• Belief systems, values, attitudes and beliefs, ways of explaining and understanding, including traditional or local beliefs about the health problem of concern
• Response to Biomedicine
• Practices, habits, everyday ‘lived’ experience affecting the health problem of concern
• Culturally-related barriers to health care

CRITICAL ANALYSIS: Responds to the main points identified in the historical, structural and cultural sections and then looks at the implications or areas of intervention. 2-3 paragraphs of critical analysis are to be provided before the conclusion.
What is happening? Briefly summarise main findings – Who is being affected? Where? Why? How?
What combination of social determinants is impacting this health issue? What are the main factors? Has it always been this way? If not, what has changed? Why or how has it changed? Is it possible for the people affected to change the situation? How much agency do they have?
What does this mean? What are the implications of the above analysis for:
For the people most affected by this health issue – people who live in this context? For governments, NGOs and the global community ? For health professionals – in this context or from elsewhere?
What could we do about it? What recommendations could be made? At what level would recommendations be directed? (individual, community, state, international). Based on your research, what may be some predictions for the future or observations about this situation? (future-oriented)

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