What are some possible solutions to this citys pollution?

Part 1- APA Format- 250 Words- 3 References

President Trump’s position on bankruptcy is that it is often a smart business decision. Discuss the decision for a business to file Chapter 11 under the three ethical frameworks that were discussed in Chapter One. How are bankruptcy laws essential to innovation?

Incorporate the required readings, as well as outside research, and support your statements. All material used must be cited.

Part 2- APA Format- 250 Words- 3 References

The physical and biological environment that we depend on for our survival is dynamic. It’s always changing in ways small and large. Humans can alter the pace of this change and change the environment in novel ways.

For this forum, find an environmental issue or problem that affects somewhere in North, Middle or South America. In your post, describe the causes of the issue, the effects (positive and negative) of the issue on the environment and affected people, and also discuss possible ways to remediate the negative effects of its impact.

You should focus your post on a relatively small geographic area. For instance, if you’re talking about deforestation, you could discuss deforestation in the Amazon, or Nicaragua. If you want to talk about pollution, you could focus on Times Beach, Missouri or the Love Canal incident in New York or the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. You can start with your text for some ideas or you can look to news sources as well. Be sure to indicate your source.

Part 3- APA Format- 1 to 2 short paragraphs

State of the Air

Thus far in this course we have been discussing, learning, and exploring the ideas of environmental problems, human values, politics, and economics. This week we turn to take a closer look at a particular type of pollution: air pollution. Have you ever visited or lived in a town that had air quality warnings? For the last 16 years, the American Lung Association has used air quality data to publish a report on air quality called State of the Air. In this forum, we will explore some of the most polluted cities in the United States and focus on solutions.

Part I. Questions:

Since this is not a writing assignment but a discussion, you will not need to formally reference your work but need to attribute it to the source you found it, something likely you do in everyday conversation. For example, “Yesterday I was reading in the Washington Post that . . ” or, “I found this interesting video on YouTube.”

Choose one of most polluted cities from the State of the Air report that has not been selected already by another classmate (check what has been posted already)*. Research the city you chose and share your research with the class here are some topics to consider:

What are the causes of this city’s pollution? Why is air pollution a problem?
What are some possible solutions to this city’s pollution?
What is your opinion about the role of scientists, government, and citizens in air pollution solutions?
What is your personal experience? Have you been to this city, or another that your perceived as having air pollution? How did you know? How did it affect you?
End your response by posing an open-ended question to the class that you have thought of based on your research and study (it can be anything related to air quality and air pollution).
*Place the name of the city you chose in the title of your initial post.


Remember, this forum is designed to have a conversation. You will not gain points by having a long initial post or replies. I am not looking for a mini-essay, but again, conversation, like we might have in a traditional classroom.

Initial Post:

The initial post should be no longer than 1-2 short paragraphs. Asking a question to your classmates also helps get the conversation going.

Additional Resources on Air Pollution:

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