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What are some risks and challenges that you will face?

Analyze a company’s IT infrastructure and write a paper in which you address the following items. The company may be a publicly traded company, your organization, school, or any other company that you have, or may attain, intimate knowledge of their IT infrastructure. Ensure that all references are cited, which may include personal interviews with staff, white papers, and academic references.

  • What are the core application(s) of the business? Who are the intended users?
  • Are they cloud-based? Are there plans to move them to the cloud? Why or why not?
  • What does the company’s core IT infrastructure look like in terms of hardware, software, and systems?
  • Describe the process or workflow that is handled, addressed, or governed by a core IT system. Why is a system needed? Who is involved in the workflow, what data is transferred or transformed, what are the system’s inputs and outputs, and what technologies does the system consist of?
  • Do they outsource any roles to third parties? Which are outsourced and why?
  • Do any of the elements within the infrastructure directly correlate to consumer products or services?
  • Where does the majority of the company’s technological innovation originate from the business or IT? Justify.
  • What was the last technologically innovative endeavor? Who was its target? What did it entail? How did it fair?
  • What are some risks and challenges that you will face? How will you overcome these challenges and deal with these risks?

Length: 5 – 7 pages, (not including cover page or references). You may use graphics to help convey your message, but keep them to be a reasonable size and make sure that they add appropriate value to your submission.

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