What are the authors credentials?

Source Validations

For this assignment your group will locate and read six (6) relevant sources to use for your Policy Proposal. After reading each article, you will then write a Source Validation for each.

The purpose of this assignment is to learn how to determine the credibility of your sources, as using reliable information is critical for creating a quality academic argument.

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• For each Source Validation you must provide a citation for the source using the documentation style your group has selected.
• Each Source Validation must be approximately one-half to one full page in length.
• All six Validations must be combined into one Word document.

Must be uploaded to Blackboard anytime on Monday, November 9.

Things to think about when writing your Validations
a. Use the vocabulary and rhetorical concepts you learned during the media analysis assignment to talk about the credibility of each source.
b. What are the author’s credentials? (Google them – seriously.) Where did they get their education or where are they currently teaching? Or where are they currently employed? Have they published anything else of significance? Do they have a political bias?
c. What website or organization is providing the information? How do you know you can trust this website/organization? When there is only a source (website, magazine, newspaper, etc.) and no author, you must go to the About section of the website and/or Google the title of the source to see what others are saying about them.

These are not to be summaries of what you are reading.
The goal is to demonstrate in-depth critical engagement with each text. So, use specific examples and/or stats from the text and show me why you think they are important for your argument. Be as specific as possible.

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