What are the latest trends in product and workers safety

Review Table 21-1 on Social Responsibility for Franchise Systems. Changes have occurred throughout history such as when the Industrial Revolution of worker’s safety concerns led to organized labor unions which then formed to promote worker safety, to the advent of tamper-proof safety packaging resulting from the Tylenol packaging issues leading to death. What are the latest trends in product and worker’s safety and company’s social responsibility regarding these? Are franchises good corporate citizens? Do they follow social responsibility more actively than their predecessors (non-franchise entities)? Report your findings in a 1 page summary paper. Cite any references.

Table 21-1 on Social Responsibility for Franchise Systems
– Product Safety
– Pollution potential of our products/services
– Nutritional value of our products
– Packaging and labeling of our products
Human Resource Management:
– Employee health and safety
– Employee training and development
– Physical fitness and stress management program
– Childcare/day-care support or facilities for parents
– Remedial education for disadvantaged employees
– Alcohol and drug counseling programs
– Career counseling
Fair Business Practices:
– Employment opportunity and advancement for women and minorities
– Employment opportunity and advancement for disadvantaged persons
– Support for minority-and-women-owned franchises
Community Citizenship:
– Support of local arts and/or children programs
– Support of community projects (e.g, United Fund, service projects)
– Sponsorship of public health/awareness projects
– Donations of employee time, products, services or cash
Energy and Environment:
– Conversation of energy in production and marketing of products/services
– Recycling of packages, product waste, etc
– Pollution control
– Conversation of natural resources

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