What are the main factors of the rapid Economic Growth in China during the last 30 years?

The Topic: “The sustainability of Economic growth in China” What are the main factors of the rapid Economic Growth in China during the last 30 years? and is this growth rate sustainable?

This Essay is Counted for 50% of the Module.
Total Word Limit: 1,500 (excluding title, bibliography and appendices)

Useful Sources of Information
Any Economics Textbook
Yang, Li (2013) “China’s Growth Miracle: Past, Present, and Future” Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Khan, M & Hu, Zuliu (1997) “Why Is China Growing So Fast?” IMF.
Green, F., and Stern, N. (2014), ―An Innovative and Sustainable Growth Path for China: A Critical Decade, in The China Development Forum, Beijing, China, 22 March.
Popescu, Gheorghe H. 2016), “IS CHINA’S ECONOMIC GROWTH SUSTAINABLE?” The Proceedings of the International Conference Globalization, Intercultural Dialogue and National Identity.
What Will the Mark Be Looking for?
Academic expression

Essay Writing Tips:
Answer the Set Question and make sure you understand the essential point behind the question.
Put forward and academic argument- state points clearly and back up with theory/evidence/examples
Your goal is to make a good case for your point of view whilst considering the dealing with counter arguments
Plan your essay first: (Introduction, Main Body, Conclusion)
One paragraph per issue- separate with a double line space
Keep sentences short and to the point- void the use of adverbs and adjectives
Do not assume any knowledge on the part of the marker- the mark is based on your knowledge not on the person marking
Do not try to include everything you know- choose a few salient points to make for and against. The quality of your argument is important not the quantity of arguments put Forward.

Purpose of the Essay
The Induction assignment has been carefully designed to give you experience of:
Using the library to find an academic source
Citing sources and referencing correctly
Submitting coursework online and in hard copy
Writing in an academic style
Understanding assessment criteria
Meeting deadlines
Using study skills resources
Using feedback effectively
These skills are all considered important for university study, so your mark will count towards your overall mark for the personal tutorial module.

Format and Content
This Essay is in the form of a conventional essay style answer. You do not need prior knowledge of this subject to complete this assignment satisfactorily. In order to understand what is expected of you, please read the Assessment Criteria carefully.

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