What are the manufacturing tasks for the above order-winning criteria?

Dahlia, a self-made business person, owns and manages a custom
woodworking business. Her business specializes in making custom
furnishings for commercial offices, buildings desks the way the
customer wants the desk built. The business is proud of its
high-quality image and flexible product designs. Business has been
pretty good, but Dahlia’s commercial sales representative thinks it
could be better if certain niches were exploited. The sales rep,
Yvonne Truce, believes that there is a real market opportunity for
custom-styled office furnishings at low-to-moderate prices. Yvonne
believes that this could be done by designing a standard desk
skeletonover which custom features could be fit. The skeleton could
be made to stock in batches. The customer could then specify how
the desk is to be finished (choice of top, cut-outs for special
work-station devices, drawer style, knobs and pulls, and so on).
Yvonne believes they could cut price, appeal to broader market,
deliver faster, and increase output. On the basis of above
information, please answer the following questions:
a) At present, what seem to be firm’s order-winning criteria?
Are there any order qualifiers? What role do these order-winning
and order qualifying criteria play in the formulation of operations
strategy as well as the integration of marketing and
b) What are the manufacturing tasks for the above order-winning
c) What operations strategy is dictated by the above operations
d) What shifts is Ms. Peg recommending in these order-winning
and order qual- ifier criteria? Why?
e) What is your evaluation of the feasibility of Ms. Peg’s idea,
including market- ing, financial, and operations management
considerations, both from strategic and tactical considerations?
f) Assuming Ms. Peg’s ideas are accepted, what steps will you
take in formulating a new operations strategy for the firm? Please
be specific and complete in describing the process you will

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