What are the steps you’re likely to take to create and implement such program?

Instruction: Please CHOOSE ONE of the two prompt options provided below, and write a 2-3page (double spaced) narrative response. Be sure to address every point within theprompt of your choice. Submit completed assignment via Canvas Assignments, as DOC, DOCX, PDF, orRTF file attachments.Prompts:Option #1: Recommended after Lecture 6Suppose that the Butler County School District wants to hire you to create andimplement a health promotion program. Specifically, they would like to have ahealth education program (like D.A.R.E.) that will teach students aboutdangers of illegal drug use, so that students who currently use them wouldlearn to stop.a) What are the steps you’re likely to take to create and implement such program? (HINT: see five steps of the Generalized Model)b) What would you do (or not do), if your needs assessment data shows thatthe school district has very little problem with drug use, but has very bigproblem with sexually transmitted disease?c) For now, let’s assume that drug use is a big concern for the school district,and you’ve created a health education program about illegal drug use, asrequested. Before full implementation, you’ve conducted a pilot test for 20students to see if your program is effective. Pilot test showed that youreducation program is ineffective at changing students who already usedrugs. Worse, it looks like some students that never used drug before arenow showing signs that they want to try those drugs you mentioned in theprogram. What would you do (or not do)?Option #2: Recommended after Lecture 7Behavior change is difficult – just think about how many people make NewYear’s resolution, and how many people fail at it. Understanding therelationship between behavior and behavioral determinant can help us assessour own behavior, and perhaps have us succeed with our New Year’sresolution.a) Think of one behavior that you want to change by the end of this year.What is the behavior? (This should be your own behavior; this may or maynot be related to health, but make sure that it is something that can bemeasured and/or observed)b) What would be one determinant related to that behavior (i.e., what issomething that causes and/or influences this behavior)?c) Would you try to affect the behavior, or the determinant? Why?d) Let’s suppose that there are thousands of people just like you, and they allwant to change this behavior. What do you think is the most effective wayto help everyone change this behavior? (Perhaps coming up with a law?Education program?)

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