What are the themes found in the resources?

Synthesis Final Paper
Each week you are exposed to a new topic and new resources to help you better understand the topic. After the last four weeks of learning, you will puzzle through the ways that that articles, videos, podcasts, and other resources connect to each other, connect to the topics covered, relate to past topics, and ultimately, help you better understand the material over the past four weeks.
In this paper, please address the questions below in the following labeled sections: (A) Concise Summary, (B) Explanation of Relevancy, and (C) Muddy points. You are also expected to cite sources within the text (in APA format) – connecting your ideas and understanding back to specific examples from the resources (quotes, paraphrasing, etc.). These papers should not exceed five pages and should be double spaced. This assignment is worth 50 points.
1. A concise summary of the resources: In your own words, summarize the key points of resources related. (you can break this section into Week 5, 6, 7, or 8 – or some other organized way).  Keep in mind the questions: What is/are the weekly topics? What are the themes found in the resources? How do these resources relate to one another, and how do they offer similar or different perspectives on the topic/s?
Topics for WEEKS
WEEK 5: Marital and Family Life
WEEK 6: Marriage, Parents, and Children
WEEK 7: Family Violence and Family Crisis
WEEK 8: Changes, Transitions, and the Future
2. An explanation of the relevancy of the resources:  Discuss how the resources do or don’t connect to the class, to other things you have read elsewhere, and/or to your own life and experiences. Ask yourself: How do the resources connect to some of the larger issues in the class? Do these resources provide accurate descriptions of the world? Why/why not? Do they relate to my life and experiences? What is particularly important for me about these resources? (How) do they make me think about the world differently?
3. Muddy Points:  After thinking through the material you’ve covered up to this point, think about what came up for you. What muddy points exists? What engaging question/s could be asked and/or need answered?
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