What are the two intertwined notions of cosmopolitanism?

As you read please look for answers for the following question and Provide page numbers.

What does Appaiah mean by “Cosmopolitanism”? To what date does Cosmopolitanism go back to? In Conclusion in your own words what exactly is cosmopolitanism?
How does cosmopolitans regard all people?
What are the two intertwined notions of cosmopolitanism?
What does the term Partial Cosmopolitanism stand for? Give an example.
What do you think Appaiah is going to talk about in the rest of his book?
Appiah’s “Cosmopolitanism”

Chapter One

The Shattered Mirror

Provide page numbers.

How many languages did Sir Richard Francis Burton learn? What are some of them?
What works did he translate?
What is a qasida?
What is one of the characteristics of the European cosmopolitanism? How does this character relate to Appiah’s Introduction?
What is Appiah’s point from presenting the tale ?
What is Appiah’s idea of the shattered mirror? According to the traveler, what is the biggest or the deepest mistake?
What is the overall message of Appiah’s Chapter “The Shattered Mirror”?

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