What are their respective market shares? Overall or by product.

Discuss Industry, Industry structure (e.g., oligopoly, pure competition, )
Economic drivers for the industry (costs, innovation, vertical integration, marketing/image/brand, quality, access to raw materials, supplier relationships …)
Where does it fit in industry? Are both competing on same lines, both have same or different strategies? Does one buy cheap and use private labels, or buy quality and discount? Low cost producer? Or niche player?
What are their respective market shares? Overall or by product.
What are the factors/trends that affect future success? Technological change? Automation? Aging of customer base? Foreign competition? ….
What about ownership/management: Who calls the shots? Does any owner or owner group (e.g., Walton family with Walmart) exert control?

Financial Evaluation (the main section whose parts will be longer or shorter as they are relevant to overall goal of paper) Try to put information in Tables and supplement with charts so that you can refer to the numbers (without having to repeat them) as you go. Remember 3 years of data. Graphs/charts are great to show trends. But only if relevant.

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