What are two important things you learned about working on projects from the case?

Jasper was the last person to arrive and it was clear from the look on his face tha He sat down, avoided eye contact, before blurting. “Tm out of work.” What do you mean? Fatma and Viktoria cried. Jasper explained after months and months of work they had been unable to deonate a functional product. things were not going well Jasper went on to say. “Despite our best efforts we couldn’t deliver. The founders couldn’t get an ounce of second round venture funding, so they decided to cut their losses and kill the project. I just spent the best six months of my programming life for nothing Fatma and Viktoria tried to comfort their friend. Fatma asked Jasper how the others were taking the news. Jasper said the Swedish programmer, Axel, look the news very hard. He went on to say. “1 think he was burning a lot of bridges at home with the long work hours and now he has nothing to show for it. He started blaming us for mistakes we never made.” Raja, his Indian counterpart, was a different story. “Raja scemed to shrug his shoulders. Jasper added. “He said, I know 1 am a good programmer. There are lots of opportunities here in Bangalore. Fatma broke the silence that followed by saying to Jasper, “Send me your resume My company is always looking for top notch programmers and it is a really great com- pany. Can you believe it, the two founders, Bruno and Ryan, are working side by side with everyone on renovating the warehouse? In fact, people were amazed at how good Bruno was with sheet rock. A big part of my job now is scheduling their time so they can work with as many different people as possible. They really want to use the project to get to know their employees. This hasn’t been easy. I have had to juggle their calen- dars, their abilities, and work opportunities. Viktoria interjected, “You’re using Microsoft Project to do this? “Not really responded Fatma. “At first I tried scheduling their work in Project, but it was too cum- bersome and time consuming. Now I just use the Project master schedule and each of their calendars to schedule their work. This seems to work best Viktoria added, “Yeah, Microsoft Project is a great program, but you can get lost trying to get it to do everything. Sometimes all you need is an Excel sheet and common sense Viktoria felt awkward, given what had happened to Jasper. She was just wrapping up the successful PAX 2 project. She was also getting ready for a well-deserved holi- day in Vietnam paid for by her project bonus. “I hate closing out a proyect,” Viktoria said. “It’s so boring. Document, document, document! I keep kicking myself for not tracking things when they happened. I am spending most of my time scouring my computer for files. I can’t wait to take off to Vietnam Viktoria went on to say, “The only thing I liked doing was the project retrospective.” Jasper asked, What’s a project retrospective? Viktoria answered, “It’s when the project team gets together and reviews what went well, what didn’t, and identifies lessons learned that we can apply to future projects. For example, one of the things we learned was that we needed to bring the manufacturing people on board a lot sooner in the design process. We focused on designing the very best product possible, regardless of cost. We found out later that there were ways for reducing production costs without compromising quality. Fatma added, “We do that too at the end of our projects, but we call it an audit. Fatma asked Viktoria, “Do you know what your next assignment will be?” No.” she replied, “I will probably go back to my department and do some testing. I’m not worried. I did good work. I am sure someone will want me for their project.” Jasper chimed in, “T sure hope someone wants me for their next project.” Fatma and Viktoria immediately went into action trying to lift their friend’s spirits. A little while later, they walked out of the Tapa restaurant and gave each other hugs Fatma reminded Jasper to send her his latest resume. 1. For each part (A,B,C), what phase of the project life cycle is each project in? Explain. 2. What are two important things you learned about working on projects from the case? Why are they important?

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