What are your favorite traditional classroom techniques?

e-Learning Strategy Professor Brown’s education delivery model can be improved via the online teaching technique. Applauded for its diversity of delivery and flexibility, the technique would be beneficial to both the tutor and the student by promoting convenience in education. As the system promotes rapid loading of course contents and resources with high speed internet access, time can be saved when resources are uploaded to the relevant website. Brown’s traditional teaching methodology can be successfully complemented through online presentations. Through presentation packages such as MS-PowerPoint, course contents can be delivered in volumes to students. Additionally, presentation would be convenient because apart from displaying instructions in the form of complementary graphics, audio narration can be integrated into the text. Ideally, this would be convenient for visually impaired students (Ayers, 2012). Professor Brown can also integrate podcasts and illustrative videos in his online tutorials. Through this technique, the learner’s grasping capabilities can be expanded. Compared to the traditional face-to-face instructional sessions, software such as Articulate Presenter can expose learners to the use of e-learning. Furthermore, the tutor can design a Learning Management System (LMS), an online database from which assignments can be submitted by students in soft copyformat. CaseStudy2: BlendingTraditionalTeachingTechniqueswithe-Learning Just as learning resources can be physically disseminated to workgroups, the same technique can be successfully applied in online teaching. Both workbooks and e-books can be uploaded by a facilitator to a common site of access. From this point, exercises and course materials can be downloaded. The downloaded data would serve as reference material for the learners. The traditional teaching technique is ONLINE LEARNING3 interactive in nature. Similarly, the online teaching technique has been made interactive like the ordinary classroom environment. The current e-learning technology consists of a remote bulletin blackboard from which figures are well-illustrated. Moreover, an interactive environment is facilitated through post messages and online forums in which students chat and seek clarification from their tutors (Ayers, 2012). Lesson 2: assignment 1 For this case study, you are about to teach your favorite subject for the first time in an online class and you’ve learned that similar courses offered by other universities have an unusually high attrition rate. Naturally, being the dedicated professional that you are, you are going to take the appropriate actions to ascertain that your students don’t drop the course! What will you do? You might begin by writing some of the steps you would first take to learn the reasons for the high dropout rate; then, in some detail, list measures you might implement to keep your students engaged and excited. Throughout, consider: the likely competencies, characteristics, and skills of students of your field and whether they are appropriate for “ and how they will transition from traditional to “ online studies; your students’ likely learning styles; your transition from traditional to online instruction; and how you will prepare your students for this online course. Lesson 2: assignment 2 In Lesson 1, you answered this journal question: What are your favorite traditional classroom techniques? Reflect on how to capture these established qualities as an online instructor and elaborate on which of the various modes of delivery might work for you. Now, reflect on some of your favorite class activities, both individual and group, and consider the varied and exciting technological tools that will be available to you as never before and the different aspects they might bring to these “ and other, for that matter “ activities. What do these differences between the traditional and online assessments mean to you? To your students? How will you prepare them to succeed in online learning assignments? For example, as you think of a traditional class assignment that you have used, imagine what you could develop online in this multimodal environment using, perhaps, animation, a virtual field trip, or a podcast. Define and consider the design of one individual assignment or one collaborative project. Create a Word document, or document in the word processing program of your choice, and provide your response to this case study.

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