What bond joins amino acids together

sci question

1. What is enzymes type

2. What bond joins amino acids together

3. Bile salt assist in the digestion

4. Bile dicts reagent indicates the presence of

5. Dissolved carbon dioxide in water is? A B N

6. PH is a measure of

7. Neutral solutions Ph

8. pH of blood is

9. Hydrochloric acid is secreted?

a. nervous system,

b. circulatory syst,

c. digestive syst,

d. reproductive sys,

10. How do buffers minimize change in the Ph?

a. a big absorbing H+ iron when there is an excess

b. a big donating H+ iron when there is an shortage

c. none

d. both

11. Plant cells unique

12. Lipids are

13. Cartilage which tissue

14. Blood which tissue

15. Identify the prokaryotic organ

16. Cell structure unique prokaryotic organ?

a. Ribosome,

b. plasma mem,

c. plasmids,

d. cell wall

17. DNA plus it’s associated proteins is called a ?


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