What company or organization you have chosen.

Your final project will be made up of two parts: a powerpoint presentation and a short (3-4 min) oral presentation to the class.
The PowerPoint:
Create a PowerPoint presentation consisting of at least 15 slides
This PowerPoint should be the result of a fully-researched business proposal that presents a plan for marketing a particular business, religious organization, or company.
Step 1: Choose an organization or company that does not have any social media presence. This may be one of the organizations and companies discussed in a previous assignment. Perhaps your church or your own company. This company may not even have a website.
Step 2: Pretend that the owner or CEO of this company has asked you to come up with a marketing proposal or strategy for this company. Chapter 10 is all about how to research and write these proposals. Now, do research! What are some avenues of marketing (social media, traditional print media, websites, etc.) that they might explore? What can a company of their size afford? Is there anything they can do for free or as an exchange? Even though you aren’t turning this written report in to me, it will help if you actually write at least a publish out before starting the PowerPoint.
Step 3: Create the PowerPoint! ???? You can use any multimedia (video, music, screenshots) you deem necessary to create your PowerPoint. Make sure it has at least 9 slides (including the introductory slide with the title and your name and the references slide at the end where you reference any sources you used). Make sure that you use correct grammar and spelling throughout. Also, you should include notes with your PowerPoint either in the notes feature or by recording your own voice along with it.
The Oral Presentation: Separate doc
This will be a 5-6 minute presentation that you will give during the ClassLive. You will need to tell us several things: (Please create a short section that answers the questions below)
1. What company or organization you have chosen.
2. Where you went to research your proposal.
3. What avenues you are choosing for the marketing proposal.
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