What crisis will Victoria need resolve during this stage?

a strategy for social work practice with Mr. Franco. Be sure that you have a
concrete and specific strategy for how you would address alcohol issues with
him. What are the intervention goals? What kinds of referrals in the
community would you make and why? What additional activities would you help
him initiate?

Question 2
18.5 out of 25 points

Victoria is an
11-year-old African American female placed in state custody because of a
combination of physical abuse on the part of her mother, Anita, and Anita’s
inability to control and supervise Victoria. Victoria displays many
aggressive behaviors, including refusing to do chores or look after hertwo
younger siblings, refusing to go to school, smoking cigarettes, being out
late at night without parent permission, and disobeying school rules, which
resulted in several in-school suspensions and detentions. According to Anita,
she used physical punishment (hitting with a belt) only as a last resort
after all else had failed, including a brief hospitalization in the
psychiatric ward of the local hospital. On three occasions, school personnel
reported bruises to child welfare authorities, who confirmed abuse on all
three occasions. After the first report, intensive in-home family
preservation services were initiated to prevent placement, but after the
second and third incidents, when Victoria displayed extreme anger at Anita
and Anita did not think she herself could control her own anger, it was
decided Victorias safety could not be assured in the home. After meeting
with Victoria, she admits to having nightmares and waking up at night crying
and screaming. Although her grooming was appropriate during our first
session, Victoria wore long-sleeved shirt even though it was summer. Victoria
was also noticeably thin for her age. You have been assigned to this case to
assess a variety of issues and to determine the appropriate level of care for
1. Does Victorias
gender, age, race and/or ethnicity matter to the case? If yes, in what way
does it matter?
2. Erik Erikson
(1963) described eight stages of development. What stage of development is
Victoria in? What crisis will Victoria need resolve during this stage? How
will your intervention assist Victoria in resolving the crisis of the stage?
3. Given that there
have been previous instances of physical abuse, how would you go about
detecting current child abuse and neglect? In
Victoria’s case, what signs indicate that she may still be a victim of child
abuse? Name three or more signs.
4. What kind of
effects can abuse/trauma of this sort have on young children (name four or
more)? What if any symptoms of PTSD are Victoria displaying?
5. List and describe
two types of therapy that abused children respond well to.

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