What did you already know about yourself that showed up in your results?

What did you already know about yourself that showed up in your results?I think the results showed that I am pretty aware of what job would fit my personality, interest and values as basically all the jobs that showed up on my results were either similar to my current job field as an aircraft electrician or what I am trying to get my degree in which is finance.Based on the online assessment, what are your personality type, interests, and values?I am an ISTJ (Introversion, Sensing, Thinking, Judging). ISTJs are good with details and think logically. Because they think logically, they often become practical problem-solvers and adopt a responsible outlook on life. ISTJs are good organizers and get things done. They often become good managers or hands-on technicians. They enjoy a workplace that is organized with clear expectations, where they can use their detailed knowledge and ability to organize. My interests were Realistic, Investigative and Conventional. My values were Achievement, Recognition and Working Conditions.How can understanding more about yourself, help you make better decisions on your future career path?Everyone should find a career that they love or at least enjoy, this makes work seem like less of a chore when you enjoy doing it which will lead to a better all-around quality of life from the workplace to home life. Knowing what jobs fit your personality can help lead to finding the type of career that can fit that mold.What are two potential occupations that fit your personality, interests, and values and why? (use the Explore Occupations results for this part of the question)Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technician which I am, this career field lets me keep an organized workspace as a requirement and requires problem solving. The second, which is something that I could picture myself doing is Landscape Architect, I have always been interested in doing landscaping even as a kid I built a goldfish pond area in our backyard by myself.Using the last four weeks of class discussing the discipline as support, how does the discipline, Political Science, fit into those potential occupational plans?I am very much an introvert so the only way I can think that Political Science would fit into my potential occupational plans is if as a Landscape Architect I had to converse with a client and politics came up then I would have a good base of knowledge to have the conversation with them.

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