what does big data mean to nh hoteles

Include the following critical elements in your essay:

I. What does Big Data mean to NH Hotels? Briefly describe how this organization came to realize that Big Data was the key to improving their business operations. How did they determine what data was needed and how to manage the information that was available to them?

II. What were their main challenges? Explain the challenge(s) they encountered with data collection and the efficient processing of this information to gain actionable insights about their hotels.

III. What was the proposed solution, and the impact of results? Describe the solution that was developed and implemented to solve their business challenges with managing and analyzing customer feedback. How does the solution give NH Hotels a competitive advantage and what technologies were deployed to make this solution effective and efficient to serve its purpose?

Using APA 6th edition style standards, submit a Word document that is 6 pages in length including title page, references, and appendices and include at least two credible scholarly references. *No Plagiarism*


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