What drives patient satisfaction?

Create at least five or more slides that:Discuss what constitutes a health services organization’s product(s). How do we define what drives consumer choice? Is it care for a disease, illness, or injury? Or a certain set of services (e.g., cardiac or fertility services)? Or a prominent physician or hospital name?Identify the role and relevance of physician relations. What factors drive physician affiliations with a hospital? Why is this important?Describe the components of successful patient engagement between the provider – whether individual physician, clinic, hospital, or health system – and the patient. What drives patient satisfaction? How can a hospital meet these demands?Examine what prompts patients to select a particular individual provider or institution, both historically and in the context of competition driven by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. What role does brand name play? How important are amenities? What factors contribute to the ACA-driven focus on cost and quality, and how are these important to patients?Define what biblical principles influence these realms.Ensure that your course project presentation is professional. Follow APA formatting. Correct use of citations and references is required.

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