What effect with there be on the management of employees?

How will managers and leaders need to adapt to thrive four years from now?
Structure of your essay
Whilst the recruiters of this management consultancy have left this question as open as they can they will nevertheless be looking for candidates who understand how contemporary businesses address such key factors as,
• Marketing in the modern context, how has new communications technology impacted on this?
• Production in a global environment, how will products be made, how will services be delivered?
• Human Resources. What effect with there be on the management of employees? How will businesses be structured? Where will people work? How will be people be managed?
• Operations, what structures and approaches to operational management will be appropriate in the future
• E-commerce, how will this develop and what resources will organizations need to exploit the opportunities that this offers?
• Working towards a sustainable world, what changes will be driven by global citizenship?
This is not an exhaustive list and the challenge for you; as a candidate will be to answer these questions within the limits set whilst following academic standards in your writing and referencing

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