What evidence do you plan to share,

As mentioned during week one, our final project in this course will be a Persuasive Speech where you’ll take a stance on a socially-relevant topic and support one side of the argument. If you haven’t done so, you may want to look at the week eight assignment to get a better idea of what you will ultimately be asked to do.

In week one, we suggested that you prepare three potential topics for your final project. Now it’s time to narrow your focus and delve into your chosen topic a bit more. If you still haven’t thought about your topic, you might want to look at the following website for ideas:


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This week, you should begin working on a brief outline of your persuasive speech. In this outline, include your topic, the debate surrounding it, your stance (which side of the issue you would like to promote, and three main points to support your argument.

It’s not necessary to cut deeply into the issue at this point, but you may want to being researching your issue so you can have a general idea of what you want to present.

At this stage, you still have plenty of time to edit and change your topic/position if need-be, but it is a good idea to begin putting this together so you can have the flexibility to adjust your speech as needed.

Keep in mind, your outline does not need to be submitted, and it will not be graded, but it will help you prepare for your final project so you don’t find yourself doing everything at the last minute.

Persuasive Speech

Now, you get to take everything you have worked on far and apply it to this particular speech! This is your opportunity to take a stance on a topic of interest and support your viewpoint. This final presentation represents the culmination of so many smaller assignments. Consider:

The topic itself. What is the issues, who are the stakeholders, and why is this important to you? And… why should it be important to us? Your topical outline. What do you plan to tell us? What evidence do you plan to share, to convince us that your side is right in this debate? What did you learn from the devil’s advocate? How can you use their own propaganda against them – so that your argument is even stronger? What tips will you use to make a ‘great’ persuasive speech? How can you use visual aids? And finally, what will you ask the audience to do, once you’ve persuaded them that your viewpoint is the most logical/sensible? Will your concluding thoughts resonate with them? Here are a few parameters for the final:

This speech should be 8-10 minutes in length. Establish credibility and use a minimum of 4 sources (cited within your speech). Use visuals where you can! Show enthusiasm! Remember the three-part system (Intro, Body, Conclusion). Present facts that convince. Have fun with this one!

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