What evidence is presented? Facts, statistics, studies, anecdotes?

“Millennial Searchers,” by Emily Esfahani Smith“It’s Not About You,” by David Brooks Assignment: Read the assigned articles. Analyze, compare, and contrast these two works to answer the question: Which op-ed makes a stronger argument? When considering the strengths and weaknesses of the arguments, take them apart and ask: What is the main point? Do the authors’ reasons adequately support the main point? What type of evidence is provided? What assumptions do the arguments make? Do they back up their assumptions? Which argument is, overall, stronger or more effective? Remember: This essay should be only written in third person, should not be a summary of the arguments, and should not include your personal opinion. More questions that you may consider:-Who is the author? Is he/she reliable and credible? -What is the purpose of the argument?-Who is the audience for this argument?-What claims does the argument make?-What assumptions does the argument make?-Can you identify any logical fallacies?-What authorities does the argument rely on? Are they credible?-What evidence is presented? Facts, statistics, studies, anecdotes?-Do facts, statistics, or studies come from credible sources?-Does the argument address opposing views?-How is it organized/arranged?-How does the language, style or tone of the argument work to persuade the audience?Length: 3-5 pages.Format: MLA – please type in Times New Roman, double-spaced 12 pt. font, 1 inch margins, with a title and your info at the top (name, class, date, & essay #). The title should also be in 12 pt. font (not in bold or italicized).Citations: You must include a Works Cited page for the two articles you are analyzing. You must also include in-text citations throughout the essay.Sources:For this assignment, you should focus on analyzing and taking apart the assigned articles, in order to evaluate whether or not they are strong or effective. No other sources are necessary besides the provided prompts. Please cite the articles in throughout text using MLA format, and, at the end of the essay with a Works Cited page.Grading:When grading this paper, I will be looking for the following elements:Paper is organized and well-developed, considering the length of the assignment.Paper states in the thesis statement which argument is stronger. You must pick one.Paper analyzes the articles, and compares and contrasts the various claims and techniques used to support them. The paper explains how and why this makes one argument stronger and the other one weaker.Paper refers back to the thesis statement throughout the essay.Paper includes details and quotes from both articles in its analysis.Paper includes in-text citations throughout.Paper does not summarize these arguments.Paper follows MLA format and adheres to standards listed in the syllabus (please see “Grading Policy”).Email me with questions! [email protected]. Or [email protected]. For citation help, visit: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/>.

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