What factors contributed to linking these stakeholders with the city of Kelsey through information technology?

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Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that answers the following questions: What factors contributed to linking these stakeholders with the city of Kelsey through information technology? What factors are taken into consideration when determining needs for software? What are the benefits and risks of implementing information technology? The City of Kelsey is requesting proposals from qualified firms for the design and maintenance of updated information technology applications. The intent is to create more efficient communication systems to enable the city to connect with its stakeholders. SCOPE OF WORK The successful offer will provide a comprehensive plan that satisfies the following requirements: • Efficient: The plan must demonstrate how it will provide tools to ensure increased efficiency and improved service and experience. • Secure: The plan must provide assurance to the City of Kelsey and its stakeholders that all personal and private data will remain secure at all times. • Cost effective: The overall cost of the plan must be competitive within the scope of the project and current information technology trends. • Image enhancing: The plan must enhance the City of Kelsey with a service-oriented and technologically current image. All components of the plan must consider the needs and demands of the following stakeholders in their respective relationships with the City of Kelsey. • Department of Parks and Recreation with local citizens: The citizens of Kelsey need a method through which they may stay current and participate with sports leagues, classes, locations, and special events offered through the Department of Parks and Recreation. • Chamber of Commerce with local businesses: Local businesses must have a way to communicate with each other and with the Chamber of Commerce outside of monthly Chamber of Commerce meetings. • City of Kelsey with its vendors: Due to the ongoing growth of the City of Kelsey, current practices of conducting business with vendors have become problematic. The process of requesting bids, reviewing bids, and ordering supplies and services requires an immense amount of paperwork and filing documentation. Vendors require a more efficient means of conducting business with the City of Kelsey. The City of Kelsey needs a system through which it may streamline interactions with its growing number of vendors. The City of Kelsey will make the final determination regarding the plan’s acceptability.

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